Commercial Pilot Ground & Flight / Commercial Pilot Additional Category Ground & Flight / Commercial Pilot Additional Class Ground & Flight

Course Objective: Students will obtain the knowledge, skill, and aeronautical experience necessary to meet the requirements for a commercial pilot certificate with an Airplane Category Rating.

Ground School Instruction includes: Preflight preparation and procedures; complex aircraft procedures; complex aircraft systems; advanced aerodynamics principles; airplane performance limitations; federal aviation regulations; stall/spin awareness; aeronautical charts and publications; radio aids to visual flight rules (VFR) navigation; meteorology and weather data services; national airspace systems; radio communications; air traffic control; aero medical factors; commercial operations; passenger and freight loading; night maneuvers; and ground operations.

Flight Training Syllabus includes: Preflight procedures; airport operations; maximum performance take offs and landings; maximum performance flight maneuvers; navigation and cross country flying; slow flight and stalls; complex aircraft operation; commercial flight maneuvers; emergency procedures; night operations; post flight briefing. 

Commercial Pilot Ground & Flight courses are the next step for those who have received a Private Pilot’s License.  Ask us about the opportunity to combine SEL and MEL courses to maximize your investment of time and the cost of your training. 

Commercial Pilot Additional Category courses are for a Commercial Pilot in an aircraft other than an airplane.  For example: American Winds can assist a Commercial Helicopter Pilot in obtaining an airplane Commercial Rating Add-on. 

Commercial Pilot Additional Class provides the student with the skill and aeronautical experience necessary to meet the requirements for an additional class rating to their Commercial Pilot Certificate.