Certificated Flight Instructor Advanced Course

Becoming a Certificated Flight Instructor gives student pilots the opportunity to take the knowledge and expertise AW provided and pass it on to new students in the program. Upon successful completion, the certification allows you to give instruction to private and commercial student pilots as well as the ability to perform biennial flight reviews.  A great way to gain valuable experience in preparation for a professional job in the airlines or a corporation.


Certificated Flight Instrument Instructor Course

Becoming a Certificated Flight Instrument Instructor (CFII) allows you to broaden your educational base by adding instrument instruction privileges to a CFI Certification.  This would allow the Flight Instructor to teach candidates wishing to obtain an Instrument Rating either in a single engine or multi engine aircraft.


Certificated Multi Engine Instructor Course

The MEI Rating qualifies pilots to add multi engine privileges. This rating can be added to the CFI certification, expanding professional pilot opportunities. For more information about receiving this certificate, please contact American Winds. The student will complete 15 hours Pilot in Command (PIC) in a multi engine aircraft.  No FAA required hours.