Why Choose American Winds

American Winds is an alternative to the "sunshine states" flight schools that only can promise a "one-weather" season with no clouds, high-time aircraft and marginal flight instruction. The following are just a few things that distinguish American Winds from other flight training facilities:

  • Part 141 flight school ~ meets rigorous training standards established by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
  • International reputation as an established academic institution
  • Two-time award-winning company – New & Emerging Business and COSE
  • Aviation history-making – first Instrument-Rated deaf pilot
  • 12 courses approved by the FAA
  • Fast-track programs in all academic and flight courses
  • Quality aircraft & 2 AATD flight training devices owned by the flight school
  • On-staff Director of Maintenance for detailed attention to our fleet
  • FAA controlled and uncontrolled towered airports with no delays
  • Monthly progress reports of student's educational grades and experience
  • Hundreds of pilots trained and successfully completed courses and programs

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